R K DHAWAN, Managing Director

RKD is 1965 batch engineer from Punjab Engineering College. He completed his MBA from FMS Delhi in 1982. RKD started his promising career from the railways, before joining DGS&D. While in Industry, the Entrepreneur had unsatisfied desire while in Job to do R & D in the field he was working on. It was in perusal of the R & D Craving & to produce BEST in the line  that it was ventured to develop the unique & relatively new field at that time of Toroidal Transformers & Variable Transformers While Toroidals introduced Energy & Material Conservation ideologies, the Variable Transformers  a bit advanced variation of the same GENE, were the HEART & LIFE LINE a Sort of ENGINE to any Power & Voltage Control equipment. Innovation is a key value in Green Dots culture. RKD has believe in product innovation directly related to higher customer value. Green Dot is known to have shaped the variable transformer industry by leading the R&D initiatives.

NITIN DHAWAN, Executive Director

Nitin joined Green Dot in December 1997 and since then has become an key part of the organization helping company reach its current levels and plans to follow an exponential growth path through market expansion and new product innovation. He currently heads Sales and Channel Management. Trained as a business strategist and technologist, Nitin brings with him a blend of business acumen, technology and people management skills. A visionary and a strong executioner, Nitin thrives in addressing challenging opportunities. An alumnus of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kolkata he contributes actively in the new product development and was instrumental in increasing the service and distribution network of the company. A dynamic leader he is now focusing on setting network world over.